Thursday, July 1, 2010

Japan Trip

What can I say? Japan has been absolutely PHENOMENAL so far! It has been so fun and there have been SO many photo opportunities! I will post them as soon as I have more than twenty minutes of Internet access! But yesterday we have visited the temples, the huge Buddha statue, and other places! Also the food in Japan is AMAZING. Seriously. I think it is the best food I have had yet. Last night we dressed up in the traditional Japanese robes and it was very fun eating and other people sang Karaoke!  Today we are going to Mt. Fuji and other places so that must be cool! This place is amazing. I love Japan! The thing I dislike about Japan is that things are usually made for short people. I'm a decently tall guy and I keep hitting my head on the ceilings of somethings and doorways, etc. I WILL KEEP YOU POSTED!!!

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