Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Original Photography by Jeffrey Houng 4/9/10 - 5/11/10

When I saw this i just could not just pass this picture by. The wasp was just sitting there on the pine tree and I already had my camera so... why not? I edited this picture a bit. I turned the exposure down a big and put a slight vignette around the edge of the picture I think it looks pretty awesome :) Many people get grossed out about this picture however. 

Thanks to my friend Nora who made this picture possible. This picture took place after school when there was the international food night, and it was ending just when the sun was setting, this was a beautiful picture in my head, so I needed a random person to pose for the picture. It was originally really blotchy but I took some of it out on photoshop and made the picture a bit darker to give it more of a silhouette effect.  I think this is one of the best photos I have taken. 

 This picture is a real beauty.  It was a picture of a dark red rose and not pink! what I did was turn down the exposure fully so that there was a totally black background and that there was a grayer color to the flower. I then used a grayscale/focal point brush that made the rest of the photo grayscale except for the size and place where your brush is, so as you can see, it is half grey half pink for dramatic effect. I've gotten very good feedback on this picture. 

Probably one of THE hardest pictures for me to get with a basic point and shoot camera. This picture is a picture of a drop of water making a splash. I had to turn the faucet down till there were only a few drops per second, and then I had to turn on the flash, and change a bunch of settings on the camera. this took many times and this takes the most patience and skill to capture this photo with a point and shoot. 

This photo was actually shot in broad daylight with the sun a bit to the west. I edited it so it would seem like a nighttime setting. I had to make the blacks as black as they could be and the exposure as low as it could go because the sun was pretty bright at the time. If you did not know this was edited would you know that this was shot in the daytime?

Rainy, rainy days at Fort Hancock is when the most beautiful pictures can be born. When I took this photo it just stopped raining, and this leaf just stood out to me for some reason, and it was beautiful. 

This shot was also shot during the daytime, however it may seem more obvious that it was shot during the daytime. Usually, the moon does not shine that bright, however it could be a standing streetlight, but most likely not higher than the tree. but this is also a pretty dramatic change in the lighting of the picture. The exposure was turned mostly all the way down and I made the blues a bit darker than they were before. 

If it wasn't for that annoying date/time stamp on the bottom right hand corner of the photo, this would probably be my most favorite photo that I have taken. That was not edited much. All I did was just increase the clarity and thats it! This was also after it had just rained and the water on this leaf was just so beautiful i had to capture a picture of it.  

I actually did not do much to this photo other than put a dark vignette around the picture and decrease the exposure. So this was actually a pretty perfect scene with the perfect conditions :) 

Old Antique photo preset is looking good on this picture. In the background is a pond and some other trees along the horizon and they are blurred out to focus on this one plant.

I'm digging the sepia. Pretty epic flower. 

This is an amazing picture. 

What a beautiful sunset! I really love this sunset that took place in Sandy Cove in Maryland. I just really love how the dock protrudes from the land and the sun looks like it is retreating back into the trees far out on the horizon. I also changed the top clouds to be more of a pink so it was a whole array of colors instead of just one. Also digging the vignette. I'm not to sure why I like vignettes so much lol.

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